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Congratulations to Lisa Komlos!

Congratulations to Lisa Komlos, the recipient of the Sarna-Weigensberg Award 2020! This award recognizes academic accomplishments and dedication to Israel Studies at the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies.

The award is in honour of Lazar Sarna and Jewel Sarna-Weigensberg to recognize their dedication to Jewish and Israel education and in memory of their parents Libby and Israel Sarna and Jean and Harvey Leslie Weigensberg.

"I am honoured to be the 2020 recipient of the Sarna-Weigensberg Award from the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies. Adding the Israel Studies minor to my Bachelor’s Degree was the best and most rewarding academic decision I've ever made. This award has further inspired me to dive deeper into learning about Judaism and Israel." - Lisa Komlos

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