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Recent Publications

Meir Amor

Sally Cole and Lynne Phillips, with Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan and Erica Lagalisse

  • Contesting Publics: Feminism, Activism, Ethnography.

Noel Dyck

  • Fields of Play: An Ethnography of Children’s Sports.

Constance Classen

Maximilian C. Forte

Homa Hoodfar and Anissa Hélie (eds.)

  • Sexuality in Muslim Contexts Restrictions and Resistance.

William C. Reimer

  • ICRPS International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer School 2012, Participant Information & Travel Booklet.

Amy Swiffen with Joshua Nichols (eds.)

Jean-Philippe Warren

Jean-Philippe Warren, Ivan Carel, Robert Comeau (dir.)

David Howes & Constance Classen

David Howes (ed)

Erica Lehrer

  • Jewish Poland Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places.

Greg Nielsen

Greg Nielsen, Viviane de Melo Resende, Maria Laura Pardo

Mark Watson

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