Hosted by: Dr. Gada Mahrouse, Simone de Beauvoir Institute

The Summer Institute is an intensive course designed as a ‘learning lab’. Under the broad rubric of Departures, Arrivals, and Encounters, it examines how power and inequality permit/prevent human movement. It addresses fundamental questions about travel, borders, and citizenship in relation to race, class, sexuality, gender, and ability. 


Keynote speakers

  • Billie Allan
  • Karma Chavez
  • Katherine McKittrick
  • Vinh Nguyen
  • Judith Nicholson
  • Thy Phu

Featured speakers

  • Leila Angod
  • Idil Atak
  • Monica Batac
  • Gulzar R. Charania
  • Sutapa Chattopadhyay
  • Alana Dillette
  • Wanda Gabriel
  • Tatiana Garakani
  • Nalini Mohabir
  • Dina Nayeri
  • Alicia Ann Pauld
  • Solidarity Across Borders
  • Pooneh Torabian

Educational program

The format of this seminar is immersive, intensive and interactive.

Feminist framework

Defining feminism as a philosophical and political orientation that seeks to dismantle inequities and injustice, this course adheres to the following principles:

  • An analytical, theoretical, and methodological framework based on anti-racist, feminist, anti-colonial, critical disability and queer perspectives.
  • A praxis-centered approach that bridges academic research with knowledge from ‘on-the-ground’ solidarity and community initiatives.
  • A commitment to creating an intellectual space for the sharing and transmission of knowledge that has the potential to fundamentally transform understandings and practices.

The following methods, approaches and frameworks will be addressed

  • critical refugee studies
  • critical race theories
  • border studies
  • critical disability studies
  • critical tourism studies
  • cultural studies
  • transnational feminism
  • gender and sexuality studies
  • anticolonial theories

Keywords and concepts

  • detention
  • borders
  • citizenship
  • hospitality
  • human rights
  • ethics
  • flows
  • accessibility
  • advocacy
  • biopolitics
  • statelessness
  • solidarity
  • passport
  • push/pull forces
  • gratitude
  • humanitarianism
  • undocumented
  • privilege
  • pandemic
  • vulnerability
  • militarism
  • visa
  • displacement
  • deportation


  • sociology
  • political science
  • film
  • literature
  • geography
  • history
  • communications


Gada Mahrouse, PhD
Summer Institute Director

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