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Sponsorship of events


SdBI Co-sponsorship Funding Information

The Simone de Beauvoir Institute (SdBI) is pleased to co-sponsor events both on and off campus that align with our commitment to social justice, including: intersectional, feminist, anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-carceral, anti-war and militarism, ecological, sexual and gender diverse, trans inclusive, and pro-sex worker politics.

Co-sponsorship may include helping to cover the cost of organizing events, including accessibility costs, such as ASL/LSQ interpreters, childcare costs, rental costs for accessible venues, streaming or remote synchronous options (e.g. Zoom, Facebook live, You Tube live), Internet access, or other costs that increase access and inclusion in the proposed event.

Events can be organized by members of the Concordia community (including faculty, students, and staff), or members of the public (such as community organizations or other individuals); however, priority is given to events that engage with SdBI students and community, and that connect to multiple constituencies, on and/or off campus. Examples of possible co-sponsored events: public lectures, exhibitions, performances, symposiums, seminars, and workshops.

In return, organizers will include the Simone de Beauvoir Institute logo and name on their publicity materials and acknowledge SdBI co-sponsorship during the event. Organizers must submit the event’s promotional materials to the Outreach and Program Coordinator at least 1 week prior to the event to promote via our network and on social media.

The SdBI offers co-sponsorship funding on a sliding scale up to a maximum of $1000. Co-sponsorship applications are evaluated by the SdBI Events Committee, who determine the amount of funding based on the proposed budget and co-sponsorship amount requested, and may adjust the amount offered based on available funds.

All proposals should contain the following information:

1.     Contact info: Organizer’s name, email address, and affiliation/department/organization
2.     Description of event (250 words max.)
3.     Location and accessibility details of the venue
4.     Date and time (indicate if confirmed or tentative)
5.     Invited speaker details, if applicable (250 words max.)
6.     Audience (250 words max.)
        o   Please explain how your event will contribute and appeal to multiple fields and
             constituencies, on and off campus, including the priorities of the SdBI
7.     Budget
        o   Please include both expenses and revenue (indicate if expected or confirmed)
8.     Accessibility details
        o   including, but not limited to, ASL/LSQ interpreters, translation, childcare, rental costs for
             accessible venues, streaming or remote synchronous events, and Internet access)

Submit to: Marlihan Lopez, Outreach and Program Coordinator,

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