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Keeping the SdBI up and running requires a great deal of effort on the part of many individuals. The Principal is the public face of the SdBI and liaises with the University Administration concerning SdBI life and resources.

While the Principal's role is important, the involvement of different committees is central to the success of SdBI life. Apart from the usual committees regulated by Collective Agreements in place at Concordia University (Hiring, Personnel, Tenure and Part-Time Hiring committees), six (6) other committees are central to the SdBI. These committees are presented below.

Coordinating Committee

Mandate:  To play a consultative role for the Principal; To set priorities, plans and procedures for the development of the three spheres of activities (teaching, research and service); To receive reports from the various committees; To ratify other committees’ major decisions that establish or alter policies, practices, procedures or programmes; To make decisions on matters related to the SdBI and not already covered by other SdBI committees; To make decisions on space; To advise on issues of budget; To convene ad hoc committees when needed; To approve nominations of Fellows and Research Associates; To integrate new Fellows and Research Associates.

Curriculum Committee

Mandate: Makes decisions concerning courses to be offered at the Institute; Reflects on feminist pedagogy; Helps to organize pedagogy workshops for Institute faculty; Solicits student input with regards to curriculum.

Sexuality Studies Curriculum Committee

Mandate: Make curriculum decisions affecting both the Minor in Sexuality Studies and the Major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality; Solicits student input with regards to curriculum; Report to the SdBI Coordinating Committee.

Graduate Studies Committee

Mandate: Works to plan a Magistrariate/Master's in Women's Studies degree program at the SdBI.

Forum Committee

Mandate: Responsible for organizing and planning events; Organizes Feminist Cafés (see Events for more about these).

Ethics Committee

Mandate: To ensure the ethical review of SdBI students’ research projects.

Lillian Robinson Visiting Scholars Program Committee

Mandate: To attract and select distinguished visiting scholars working on a range of feminist research topics to the SdBI; To suggest ways of replenishing the program funds and extending the program.

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