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Caleb Fenez

MSc Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Photo of Caleb Fenez, a dark-haired young man in a light grey toque and black turtleneck with the ocean in the background

Caleb's research will utilize water-wise landscaping rebates, like those used across numerous counties in California (e.g., Los Angeles and Orange County) and adapt these models to encourage small-patch biodiversity on residential properties in Montreal. Through the use of projections, this work will determine the efficacy of different potential rewilding lawn incentive scenarios to determine their ability to improve biodiversity and connectivity. The impacts of the incentive scenarios will then be compared with other common conservation practices.

Caleb is studying in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University under the supervision of Dr. Jochen Jaeger.

The working title of Caleb's thesis is Assessing the impact of private-land habitat restoration on urban biodiversity and connectivity.

Contact Caleb at calebfenez AT

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