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Water shut down affecting LB building. LB, including the library, is closed until further notice.



Report: Efforts stall to address lead in water

Four students at the Institute for Investigative Journalism follow up on the lead in water problem in Quebec.

Student Work

The City

produced by students in The Digital Magazine course

The department's multimedia magazine, The City, focuses on hidden, untold stories about Montreal.

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Clean Water, Broken Promises

By the Institute for Investigative Journalism

A collaborative investigation lead by a dozen Concordia j-schoolers into water issues in First Nations communities.

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from shore to sky: a reconciliation story

Produced by five journalism students and Aphrodite Salas

The group headed to a remote community to undertake an ambitious multimedia report.

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Radio Newsroom

Produced by students in the radio newsroom class

Students in the radio newsroom class are tasked with producing a radio show within the class' 3-hour time-block each week.

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St-Henri Chronicles

Concordia University/CBC series explores stories from Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood

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Côte-des-Neiges Chronicles

A collaboration between CBC Montreal and the diploma program of the Department of Journalism at ConcordiaUniversity where students were asked to pitch, research and produce multimedia features for their online class and also for

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Gimme Shelter

by Morgan Dunlop, 2010 Diploma Student

Nominated for a national magazine award

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Concordia Journalism Pride

Congratulations to Fenn Mayes and Maya Lach-Aidelbaum for earning 2021 Joan Donaldson CBC News Scholarships!

Concordia Journalism graduate Salim Valji joins TSN as Calgary correspondent.

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