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Message from the Chair

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Andrea Hunter

Journalism is an essential part of a democracy and at its heart, it is about public service. If you want to be part of the democratic process and bring about meaningful change through telling engaging stories, this is the place for you. In our department we will teach you how to hold power to account, shine a light on underreported issues, and dispel misinformation. There is a great need for journalists who are critical thinkers and can tell compelling stories. 

For over 40 years, the Department of Journalism at Concordia University has been one of the best places in the country to learn journalism. Our graduates can be found in newsrooms across the country and around the world telling stories that matter.   

Today, more than 250 students work with the latest digital equipment and software. Our media labs, TV studio, and radio newsroom create a vibrant digital news environment where students create innovative journalism, while thinking critically about their profession and society. Our award-winning faculty continue to garner funded research grants to study the future of journalism, and MA students are conducting cutting-edge research on the news media.  

As our former Chair, Brian Gabrial, wrote on this page: “If you promise to be critical, curious, and brave, willing to take a chance on stories you believe in, then we promise to give you the support and teaching necessary to make those stories happen.”  

I am very proud to be part of this department. We are a community striving to make the world a better place through our commitment to fostering the next generation of journalists and engaging in meaningful research.  

Andrea Hunter, 
Chair of Journalism

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