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Research to drive innovation

With our unique focus on the future of journalism and next-generation scholarship, Concordia Journalism gives researchers essential tools to innovate in the digital news space of today and tomorrow.

Our passion

With a vibrant MA program in Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies, we are passionate about adding new knowledge, studies, stories, production techniques and analysis to discussions on journalism in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and worldwide.

The Department is committed to serving the profession by training highly skilled, critical thinking journalists and excellent researchers. We combine theory and practice to enable our students and faculty to set the foundation for innovation and next generation scholarship.

Dive into our research and creation community! 

Next-generation research

With a focus on the future of journalism, we aim to provide serious reflection upon journalism's received ideas, produce analysis and criticism, and propose new ways of thinking about and understanding journalism as an institution and as a practice.

Our research draws upon the concepts, knowledge and methods of a number of disciplines, including journalism studies, communication studies, media studies, cultural studies, sociology, political economy, history, political science, philosophy, science and linguistics, profiting from both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches.

Our special projects are centered on student involvement and student leadership. They seek to develop critical reflection skills and to foster an understanding of the complexities and increasing diversity of the society our journalism is meant to serve.

Our research program seeks to:

  1. Support the need for scholarly understanding of journalism's role and function in a democratic society;
  2. Lead the need for digital innovation research related to the future of journalism and the implications of its continuing transformation on society;
  3. Provide students with the opportunity to develop their own models of research practice and journalism creation;
  4. Provide students with the skills to be leaders in the field;  
  5. Train future scholars to conduct impactful journalism-specific research and creation in a contemporary Canadian context;
  6. Complement the Department of Journalism’s highly successful professional programs at the undergraduate and diploma levels.

Our projects

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