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Understanding Western Myth

Mythology depicts fundamental human experience – creation, death and immortality – and explores society's reactions to crimes and taboos. Go back in time to understand some of the themes of contemporary culture. Discover Western myths and their various incarnations throughout the ages.

Credits required: 12
ANTH 2023 Introduction to Culture
ANTH 3073 Understanding Myths
ENGL 3073 The Viking Age in Poetry and Prose
ENGL 3163 Spenser
ENGL 3193 Milton
ENGL 3206 Shakespeare
ENGL 3553 Joyce
RELI 3653 Religion and Literature
THEO 2263 Theology and Myth
THEO 2343 Pilgrim Bodies, Sacred Journeys
THEO 2423 Theology and the Arts
THEO 3373 The Christian Sacraments
THEO 3933 Philosophical Foundations of Christian Theology
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