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Sustainability Studies

Many of the most pressing issues of the day have to do with the way humans interact with the environment. In fact, it can be argued that our very survival depends on our ability to interact in a sustainable way with the non-human components of the Earth. The issue of sustainability therefore cuts across disciplines, as does this elective group. Sustainability studies are therefore a good complement to any degree. With this in mind, this elective group is open to all BA and BSc students.

Credits required: 15

6 credits

BIOL 2053 Introduction to Sustainability
LOYC 3203 Biodiversity on Earth

9 credits chosen from

GEOG 2043 Global Environmental Issues
HIST 3953 Environmental History
LOYC 2203 The Contemporary World
LOYC 2303 Globalization and Diversity
LOYC 2403 Global Environmental Issues and Ecological Justice
LOYC 3403 Culture and Communication
MANA 3693 Business and Sustainability
MANA 3743 Sustainable Management
PHIL 2363 Environmental Ethics3
PHYS 2733 Energy and Environment
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