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Spanish America

Since the advent of NAFTA, you stand to benefit from knowing about our Hispanic partners to the South. This Elective Group allows you to study the Spanish language, culture and society.

Credits required: 18
GEOG 2093 The Geography of a Selected Region
HIST 2763 History of Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIST 2773 History of Latin America: The Modern Period
POLI 3793 Politics of Latin America*
POLI 4833 State and Society in Latin America
SPAN 2406 Intermediate Spanish: Intensive Course OR
SPAN 2413 Intermediate Spanish I & II OR
SPAN 3013 Grammar and the Process of Writing I
SPAN 3023 Grammar and the Process of Writing II
SPAN 3623 Cultures of Mexico, the Central American Region & the Spanish Caribbean
SPAN 3633 Cultures of the Southern Cone & the Andean Region
SPAN 4643 Current Issues in the Hispanic Cultures: Spanish America

* Note: Students who have received credit for POLI 346 or 348 may not take POLI 379 for credit.
NB: Placement in SPAN courses will depend on previous exposure and studies. Inquiries should be addressed to the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics: 848-2424, ext. 2300.

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