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Quebec Studies

Improve your appreciation of the society in which you live and enhance your chances of success. Become fluent in French and get to know the Québécois culture.

Credits required: 18
ENGL 2443 Québec/Montréal Writing in English
FLIT 3053 Littérature et culture québécoises
FLIT 3413 Littérature québécoise de 1900 à 1960
FLIT 3433 Littérature québécoise de 1960 à 1980
FLIT 3513 Théâtre québécois
FLIT 4473 Les voix de Montréal
FLIT 4493 Littérature québécoise - Canadian Literature
HIST 2093 Québec to 1867
HIST 2103 Québec since Confederation
HIST 3073 History of Montréal
HIST 3083 Cultures in Contact: A History of Migration
HIST 3133 Québec in the Nineteenth Century
HIST 3143 Québec in the Twentieth Century
JOUR 2103 The Media in Québec
POLI 2043 Introduction to Canadian Politics
POLI 3083 Politics of Emerging Economies
POLI 3213 Canadian and Québec Law
SOCI 2803 Debates and Challenges in Contemporary Québec Society/La Société québécoise : défis et enjeux
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