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Preparing for Success in the Workplace

Knowledge of a discipline is not necessarily enough these days. This Elective Group will help you supplement your specialized education by filling in some important gaps. Reinforce some of the skills that are required in the job market: thinking, writing, using computers and working with numbers. Become familiar with some fundamental issues and practices in the media and marketplace.

Credits required: 18
Courses related to issues and practices
AHSC 2303
Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
AHSC 2703 Introduction to Human Relations Theory and Research
AHSC 315 3 Interviewing
COMS 3603 Mass Media
JOUR 2153 Contemporary News Media
MARK 2013 Introduction to Marketing
PHIL 2353 Biomedical Ethics
RELI 3103 Self and Other: Identity and Ethical Development
RELI 3123 Justice and Social Conflict in a Globalized World
Courses related to skills
ENGL 2123 English Composition - Stage I*
ENGL 2133 English Composition - Stage II*
ENGL 3966 Content Creation and Management in Professional Writing
INTE 2903 Introduction to Computer Usage and Document Design
INTE 2963 Discover Statistics
PHIL 2103 Critical Thinking

* Note: Students must take a placement test before registering for ENGL courses.
A grade of C- or higher in ENGL 212 meets the University Writing Test requirement.

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