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The Planet Earth: Studies in the Environment

Environmental issues are extremely important in today’s world. Learn about the make-up of the planet and its place in the universe. Gain insight into some of the discussions on environmental issues. Open to BA and BSc students, but science students may not take some courses for credit.

Credits required: 18
CHEM 2083 Chemistry in our Lives
ECON 3913 Economics of the Environment
GEOG 2033 Canadian Environmental Issues
GEOG 2043 Global Environmental Issues
GEOG 2723 The Natural Environment: Air and Water
GEOG 2743 The Natural Environment: Land and Life
GEOG 2903 Environment and Society
GEOG 3773 Landform Evolution
GEOL 2033 Introduction to Environmental Geology
GEOL 2063 Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
GEOL 2083 The Earth, Moon and the Planets
GEOL 2103 Introduction to the Earth
PHYS 2733 Energy and Environment
POLI 3943 Globalization and Sustainable Development
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