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Legal Studies

Do you often wonder about the law – how it works, how it affects us as individuals and how it affects society in general? This Elective Group will not prepare you to practice law, but it will provide an overview of the law and valuable knowledge of legal issues applicable to any number of fields.

Credits required: 18
AHSC 4213 Political and Legal Aspects of Leisure Services
JOUR 2163 Law and Ethics in Journalism
MANA 2983 Business Law
PHIL 3433 Philosophy of Law: General Jurisprudence
PHIL 3453 Legal Philosophy: Legal Rights and Duties
POLI 2043 Introduction to Canadian Politics
POLI 3393 Québec Politics and Society/La vie politique québécoise
POLI 3283 Public Policy and the Politics of Equality
POLI 3213 Canadian and Québec Law
POLI 3253 Administrative Law
PSYC 3423 Forensic Psychology
SOCI 2623 Social Deviance
SOCI 2633 Youth Crime and Deviance
SOCI 3623 Introduction to Criminology
SOCI/ANTH 3633 Law and Society
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