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Introduction to Life Sciences

This Elective Group provides a rich and varied overview of the life sciences. It includes many of the courses suggested for entry to medical or other professional schools, although enrolment does not guarantee entry. This Elective Group is recommended but not limited to BSc students.

Credits required: 18
AHSC 2203 Lifespan Growth and Development for Practitioners
AHSC 2813 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
ANTH 2033 Culture and Biology
ANTH 3323 Health, Illness and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
BIOL 2613 Molecular & General Genetics
BIOL 3673 Molecular Biology
BIOL 3803 Nutrition
BIOL 3303 Vertebrate Biology
CHEM 2123 Analytical Chemistry for Biologists OR
CHEM 2173 Introductory Analytical Chemistry I
CHEM 2213 Introductory Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2223 Introductory Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2713 Biochemistry I
CHEM 3753 Biochemistry II
EXCI 2533 Human Anatomy I: Musculoskeletal Anatomy
EXCI 2543 Human Anatomy II: Systemic Anatomy
PHIL 2353 Biomedical Ethics
PSYC 3553 Fundamentals of Behavioural Neurobiology
SOCI 2613 Social Problems
SOCI 2743 The Sociology of Aging
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