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Hellenic Studies

This Elective Group offers the unique opportunity to all students to study the many facets of Greek civilization from antiquity to the present. It allows students to choose from a variety of courses on Greek language, from elementary classical Greek to Modern Greek, as well as Greek Philosophy, Greek History, Greek Drama and Greek Literature, including the Epics.

Credits required: 18
CLAS 2113 Greek Literature
CLAS 240/HIST 2233 Greek History from the Bronze Age to Alexander
CLAS 3303 Greek Drama
CLAS 341/HIST 3233 Greek History from Alexander to the Roman Conquest
CLAS 3533 Representations of Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
CLAS 3643 Classical Greek Art and Archaeology
CLAS 3653 Art and Archaeology of the Hellenistic Age
MGRK 2906 Modern Greek
PHIL 2603 Presocratics and Plato
PHIL 2613 Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy
POLI 2063 Introduction to Western Political Theory
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