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Why take an Elective Group?

Elective Groups are focused on a given theme, but they are broad in the sense that courses are taken in a range of disciplines. These elective credits are normally taken outside your program of concentration (Major, Specialization, or Honours). Elective Groups allow you to take your electives in a more structured and meaningful form. An Elective Group can be used to partially satisfy the Arts and Science requirement for 24 credits outside your discipline or department.

Who can enrol?

Any student can enrol in an Elective Group, at any stage of his or her program. Students in the John Molson School of Business or in the Faculties of Engineering and Computer Science, and Fine Arts are welcome to join Arts and Science students in any of the Elective Groups.

How do I enrol in an Elective Group?

In order to enrol in an Elective Group, you must see your departmental, program, or faculty adviser. Once your adviser has placed you in the Elective Group, you need only choose courses from the appropriate list until you have selected enough courses to meet the required number of credits (either 15 or 18 depending on the Elective Group).

You take only one Elective Group at a time. Once you have completed an Elective Group, you may choose to enrol in another Elective Group.

Please note that each Elective Group has a quota, filled on a first-come, first served basis.

The number next to each Elective Group title designates the code identification number needed for registration purposes.

How do I choose an Elective Group?

The key to success is to choose something that is of interest to you. We recommend, however, that you pick a theme that will complement your main area of study.

Will the Elective Group appear on my record/transcript?

Once you are enrolled in an Elective Group, the notation "enrolled in an Elective Group" will appear on your record along with the name of the Elective Group you have chosen. Once you have completed the Elective Group, ask your adviser to note it on your student record so that when you have finished your degree, the completed Elective Groups will appear on your final transcript.

Some courses may have prerequisites. Students are advised to check entries listed by department in the Class Schedule. In some cases, departments will consider waiving prerequisites for students enrolled in an Elective Group, but please check in advance.

Please check the Undergraduate calendar for full course descriptions.

For more information, call the Arts and Science Student Academic Services office at 514-848-2424 ext. 2104.

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