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How to request an official transcript (Mobile)

This is a guide to requesting an official transcript from the Student Centre

How to access your Student Centre

Log in to the Student Hub, select My CU Account, then the Student Centre.

Sign in with your Netname and password.

Student Centre

Official transcript request

Select Academics.

Select Academics

Select the Menu next to Academics.

Academics menu

Select Transcript: Request Official.

NOTE: After you have completed and submitted your request by following all of the steps outlined in this guide, you can come back to this page at anytime to see the status of your request.

Transcript: Request Official

Scroll to the Request Official Transcript button.

Request Official Transcript

Select the Type of transcript.

  • Complete Undergrad/Grad
    Includes all academic studies you have undertaken
  • Graduate Studies Only
    Displays only graduate-level studies
  • Non Credit - Cont. Education
    Includes only Continuing Studies
Type of transcript

Complete Undergrad/Grad or Graduate Studies transcript

If you wish the transcript to be sent to another institution in the province of Quebec:

  • Select the Quebec institution the transcript is for.
  • Enter the Department/Program you would like it sent to electronically (e.g. Admissions). Otherwise, leave the field blank.
Quebec institution

Ensure Immediate Processing is selected.

Provide your phone number and email address in case we need to contact you about your request.

Select Submit.


NOTE: Concordia will share your transcript with the institution you requested us to send it to, where it will be viewable by everyone at that institution with access to your file. That means there’s usually no need to ask your transcript be sent more than once to the same institution.

We can also place your transcript in a sealed envelope and either mail it to you, or make it available for you to pick up at the Enrolment Services (FB 900):

  • Leave the Quebec Institution field blank.
  • Select the number of sealed envelopes desired.
  • Select the number of transcripts per envelope desired.
  • Select immediate processing.
Sealed envelope

Choose the desired delivery method.

Provide recipient address information.

Delivery method

If required, type special instructions regarding your transcript request in the notes box.

Sometimes other institutions require you to submit an additional form completed by Concordia, along with your transcripts. You may attach any such forms now, if applicable.

Attachments and notes

Provide your phone number and email address in case we need to contact you about your request.

Select Submit.

IMPORTANT: You may attach official forms only (such as WES, Common Application, Law School Admissions Council, etc.). Keep in mind you won’t need to attach any forms if you asked to share your transcript electronically.

Phone and email

Continuing Education Official

If Continuing Education Official is selected:

  • Ensure Immediate Processing is selected.
  • Select the delivery method preferred.
  • If regular mailing is selected as the delivery method, provide mailing address.
Continuing Education Official

Provide phone number and email address.

Select Submit.

Phone and email

Pay your official transcript request

Select Submit to confirm your transcript request.


NOTE: You may need to allow pop-up windows in your internet browser.

Allow pop-up

You will need to process the payment in the new window.

Payment processing

Once you finalized your request for an official transcript, you see the Transcript Request Confirmation page showing the details of your request including the Request Date, Delivery Method and Mailing Address. If you do not see this page, the transcript request has not been finalized.

NOTE: Keep a copy of this final confirmation page for your records.

After submitting your request, you can go back to the Transcript: Request Official page at any time to see the status of your request.

When you first submit your request, its status will be Pending. Once we process your request and issue your transcript, the status will change to show the date of issue.

Request status
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