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Youth programs

The Youth Sunday Program is designed for youth, ages 9 to 15, as a stimulating environment to participate in education and recreational activities.

Kids playing with robotics

Program objectives

Our program's key objectives are as follows:

  • Promote learning and create a fun educational environment for youth to explore various subjects, including science, arts, and technology.
  • Build community and a sense of belonging among parents and youth within the university environment.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices through sports and creative activities.
  • Introduce youth to diverse activities through arts, music and technology.

Program initiatives

Youth Program consists of a variety of activities, including:

  • Regular workshops on topics such as science experiments, storytelling, art and technology.
  • Regular gatherings for parents and youth to socialize and share experiences.
  • Invited experts or guest speakers to share their knowledge on a wide range of subjects, from animals to technology.
  • Mentorship program where current Concordia students discuss their academic journeys and career aspirations.
  • Cultural festivals and international cuisine tastings.

Volunteer as a mentor

We are seeking enthusiastic Concordia students to join us as mentors and make a difference in the lives of young teens. As a mentor, you will have the unique chance to guide and inspire the next generation, providing them with valuable insights into your academic journey and professional skills, by:

  • Sharing educational and career experiences
  • Conducting workshops on an area of expertise (i.e computer graphics, entrepreneurship, arts, music, etc.).
  • Providing guidance on goal-setting and future career paths

Open to students from all programs. Complete the Mentorship Application form here and join our team inspiring young minds.

Concordia student and a kid making art
Concordia student and kids doing a science experiment

Upcoming events

Contact us

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