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Black Graduation Celebration 2021

On June 19, Concordia University, the Black Perspectives Office, and the Black Alumni Network hosted its first celebration of Black graduates!

Over the last year our Concordia Black community has had the opportunity to unite and strengthen in meaningful ways that reflect the leadership, dedication and excellence that our Black students have been advancing for many generations. This first Black graduation celebration was a special moment for us to continue to foster this growing sense of community as Black Concordians and an overdue opportunity for us to honour the many generations of Black Concordia graduates.



Hamdi Abdiwahabu

Burundi, Tanzania, Somalia

BA, Major in Political Science

Pan-Africanism. That is all.

Neil Aubry Njanfa 


Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering


Ferley Chery


BEng, Major in Mechanical Engineering

Today is just the beginning!

Kyara Larissah Denis


BComm, Major in Human Resource Management

I thank God, my family, friends, mentors and professor for the support, encouragement, love and laughter that helped me through this ride. Special shout out to my dad, I hope I made you proud🕊. Farewell Concordia and Congrats to the class of 2021 #Wedidit


Marina Deumeni


BComm, Major in Finance, Minor in Management

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through. — Rosalynn Smith Carter

Charles Layne

BComm, Major in Accountancy

A big thanks to my parents Larry and Harbans for putting me through school and raising me to work hard without cutting corners.

Rich Jones 

Halifax, Nova Scotia + Continent of Africa

BA, Major in Political Science

The ultimate sacrifices of our ancestors shall never be forgotten. We are only here because of them+therefore we must always pay tribute to the African diaspora aka The Motherland. Let’s choose to live our best lives+create opportunities for the next generations to come. Sylvia: This accomplishment is dedicated+belongs to you. You deserve this+more :) A few shoutouts: Ethel + Leroy + Millie + Benny + Juanita + Leonard +: Your blessings made this possible. Jones’+Browns: Thank you. Bucci+Umana: Y’all spirits live inside me, forever. Mark: Our lives are symmetrical+my love for you is infinite, my brother. There’s so much I wanna say+not enough words to say it. Simply put, to all our graduates and all our beautiful black people everywhere: You are more than enough. You are already worth it. You are Black Excellence. Always+Forever. Please never forget that. Peace+Love, Rich Jones Heart.Honor.Respect #HiiiPoWeR ✊🏾🙏🏾💪🏾👏🏾🤞🏾😉

Quentin VerCetty Lindsay

Jamaica | Hometown: the 6ix aka Toronto

Master of Arts in Art Education

I didn't just get my Master's degree I've become a Mansa on every degree of my destiny.

* Inspiration behind my picture is my great grandfather had Gold teeth and taught himself how to read and write and so being the first in my family to achieve this feat I wanted to pay homage to my ancestral struggle in their pursuit of higher learning and creating more opportunities for their descendants.

Adewunmi Blessing Ajike


BA, Honours Economics, Minor Business Studies, Minor French Studies

Colossians 3:23; Proverbs 22:29

Lisa Mayes

African American & Muscogee Creek

BFA, Major in Studio Art, Minor in Art Education

"Thank you Django, Lulu, and Thelo for your love, support, encouragement and inspiration. I also give thanks to my ancestors who made this moment possible."

Omotayo Oyengunle


Graduate Diploma in Buisness Administration

“I have never met an African woman like you. So strong, beautiful, and smart, you are a good ambassador of your country, and I am happy I met you”. These were the words of a classmate. I never let my race or gender get in the wheel of my success. My dreams and ambitions are valid, so are yours!

Beatriz Caleia Sobral Hoffmann-Kuhnt

Angola and Portugal

Master of Arts in Educational Studies

I’d like to Thank my Family - Stefan, Patrick and Kiara - for your Love, and Concordia friends and Professors for the support, encouragement and the wonderful memories we've shared. Congratulations Class of 2021! A new journey begins.

Ashley Raghubir

Trinidadian Canadian

Master of Arts in Art History

Siarra Burke-Smith

Toronto🇨🇦 Antigua🇦🇬 Grenada🇬🇩

BFA, Specialization in Acting for the Theatre

On the other side of our comfort zone is a field full of opportunities, innovation, and achievements waiting to be discovered. Preparation is key to this success. Dare yourself to take the first step. Thank you to everyone who has supported  me along this journey. -Siarra Burke-Smith

Kadisha Craigwell

Jamaica and Barbados

BA, Major in Political Science

If you believe, you can achieve! Congratulations to the entire Class of 2021. “The Marathon Continues”

Kessie Theliar-Charles


BFA, Major in Art History

Dekolonize tèt ou

Aurelie Marie Kindra Belm

Burkina Faso

BSc, Major in Biochemistry

Thanks to all the people that accompanied me and helped me throughout this journey.

Isaiah Joyner


BComm, Major in Finance

Recipient of the BPO Award of Excellence in Leadership

Every end is a beginning, & every beginning is an end. Over the course of my journey, I have made more than one friend. I look toward my future, & I will not stop grinning. The reason being that this end is truly a beginning. Thank you to my Mom & everyone who has supported me on this amazing Journey through Concordia!

Debra Irabor


BA, Major in Political Science, Minor in Law & Society

From the ups and downs, sleepless nights, and COVID 19, I am honored to say I made it. This couldn’t have been possible if not for the help of my family. My family has remained my most prominent supporters uplifting me when I doubted myself. My mother always told me “it's not the number of times you fall but your ability to get up, learn and keep pushing that matters.” This phrase has encouraged me to maneuver throughout this journey. “Naija no dey carry last". I came, I saw, I conquered. Cheers to moi. This is just the beginning x

Doris Nyilidandi


BA, Major in Political Science

Elya Myers


BFA, Specialization in Film Studies

"As I am. As I am. All or not at all" - James Joyce, Ulysses

Diana White

BComm, Major in Accountacy 

Dr. Lisa Ndejuru

Proud Rwandan Canadian

Doctor of Philosophy, Special Individualized Program (Social Science)

Recipient of the Concordia University Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Prize in Fine Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences.

Concern for the wellbeing of my own extended family and our Rwandan-Canadian community drew me to Concordia, to volunteer in the remarkable community-university research project called Life Stories of Montrealers displaced by genocide, war and other human rights violations. My seven years in that project evolved into a very personal doctoral program – a quest for creative ways in which “playing with” our difficult stories can open pathways to emancipation, wellness, and finding one’s voice in the aftermath of organized violence and its transgenerational effects. I am so grateful that Concordia University is prepared to support and encourage unconventional research-creation work like mine. Now as a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, I am working with a large, under-explored collection of wisdom tales from Rwanda's ancient oral tradition, still questing for a future in which we truly have become the subjects of our own histories.

Kaye-Anne Bunting


BSc, Major in Biochemistry

I firstly must thank God for giving me the strength to study away from home and for providing me with people who supported and encouraged me on my journey from the moment I arrived in Montreal to this day. Thank you to my family who has provided me with unwavering encouragement throughout my years at Concordia and for their sacrifices that made achieving this milestone possible for me. Thank you to my friends for filling my undergraduate years with great memories. And thank you to my teachers, lab technicians, lab partners and classmates for helping me complete all the necessary work to earn my BSc.

Djenny Beh Bonekeh


BEng, Major Civil Engineering, Civil Infrastructure option

Recipient of the BPO Black Graduation Award


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