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Risk Awareness & Travel Preparation

The Concordia International team is here to assist you in making an informed choice. To this end, the following information regarding risk aware travel, health insurance and travel preparation will help you plan and prepare for your semester abroad.

Having a Plan

  • Register in Concordia University courses as per usual until you receive confirmation that your exchange is proceeding.  Only after you receive confirmation that your exchange is proceeding and your host acceptance letter, should you withdraw from your Concordia University courses. Should you modify or change your plans, there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete the term at Concordia University after the DNE deadline.
  • With the exception of passport renewals and fees that the exchange destination directs you to pay prior to your departure, we recommend that your please do not make any travel arrangements that require a financial commitment (like airline tickets, accommodation deposits, etc.) until you have been notified that your exchange will be proceeding. If you must do so, please consider making refundable or modifiable arrangements.

Things to Consider

Your exchange plans may be affected by policy changes made by your host university or country.  Below are some of the things that could potentially affect the nature of your exchange.

  • You may experience delays in obtaining immigration documents (such as study permits, student visas).
  • Your host country government may have exceptional health and safety measures and entry/exit requirements.
  • The Canadian Government is frequently updating its' travel policies and/or restrictions.
  • There may be limited on-campus housing available to students and off-campus housing may be scarce, dependinng on the country/city.
  • You may experience last minute changes in course offerings by your host institution. 


Health Insurance Coverage

  • All students leaving on exchange are required to purchase health insurance coverage prior to departure for their semester(s) abroad. 
  • You must review the terms and conditions of your coverage and ensure that your insurance meets the requirements of your host country/university.
  • Some countries require that exchange students purchase their national health insurance. Your host university will provide you with informaiton on their health insurance coverage requirements at the time of your admission notice or soon after.
  • Your health insurance provider may not cover complications or care in the event of a crisis. Please review the terms of your coverage and consider purchasing a specifically tailored product.
  • Students who opt into the CSU Health Insurance plan as part of their Concordia tuition should consult STUDENTCARE for details on your coverage. 

Personal Travel Risk Management Plan

When preparing to travel abroad, you should create a risk management plan. A risk management plan is not meant to discourage you from travelling. Remember, you deal with and manage risks daily. By researching and understanding potential risks in advance, it will be easier to avoid, manage and plan for those risks. Risk-aware travel is the best way to protect yourself while abroad.

The Concordia International team has repared a comprehensive Personal Travel Risk Management Plan to help you prepare for your travels abroad with confidence and peace of mind.


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