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Afternoons at the Institute Archives

Guest speakers Gentiane Bélanger, Elizabeth A. Cavaliere, Mark A. Cheetham, Tammer El-Sheikh, Cynthia Imogen Hammond, Cathy Mattes, Gwendolyn Owens, Erin Silver and Carla Taunton
Growing Canadian Art Histories
Zoom book launch, 29 March 2023, at 4:00

Martha Langford and Johanne Sloan in Conversation with Dina Bumbaru and Zoë Tousignant
Book Launch and Conversation: What makes a city photogenic?
Zoom book launch, 16 February 2022, at 4:00

Cynthia Hammond, David Hornstein, Tamar Tembeck and Janis Timm-Bottos
A Public Conversation on Healing, Well-Being, and the Visual Arts
Zoom conversation, 6 April 2022, at 4:00

Serena Desaulniers, Noémie Fortin, Christa Nemnom, Patricia Pérez Rabelo and Cailen Pybus, Johanne Sloan in Conversation
La cueillette | The Foray
Zoom conversation, 14 April 2021, at 4:00

Hussein Keshani in Conversation
Negotiating Presences: Digital Islamic Art History in the Botanical Garden
Zoom conversation, 25 March 2021, at 4:00

Sébastien Caquard, Natasha S. Reid, Johanne Sloan and Kathleen Vaughan in Conversation
You Are Here: Art and Place in the Anthropocene
Zoom conversation, 17 November 2020, at 12:00

Annmarie Adams, Cynthia Hammond, Zoë Cope, Cailen Pybus, Cigdem Talu in Conversation
Marking Time in an Art Deco Landscape: A Visual and Narrative Reconstruction of the Garden at Montreal's Cormier House
Zoom conversation, 8 October 2020, at 11:00 

Joana Joachim, Adrienne R. Johnson and Kim Rondeau in Conversation
Researching Historical Black Women Artists in Canada
21 March 2019, at 4:00

Mark Clintberg and Johanne Sloan in Conversation
Mighty Real: Joyce Wieland in the 21st Century
19 February 2019, at 4:00

David Elliott and Marc Séguin in Conversation
“CONVERSATIONS WITH GUIDO” with painters David Elliott and Marc Séguin
28 November 2018, at 4:00

Julie Nagam in Conversation
Collective and Creative Methodologies within the Future of Indigenous Arts

25 October 2018, at 4:00

François-Marc Gagnon, Dominic Hardy and Gilles Lapointe in Conversation
“Borduas 2.0”: Updating the online Paul-Émile Borduas Catalogue Raisonné
12 April 2018, at 1:30

Roland Sintos Coloma in Conversation
Queering Asian Canada: Archives, Fantasies, and Utopic Counterpublics 
2 March 2017, at 4:00

Robert Del Tredici and John O’Brian in Conversation
Photographing the Nuclear Body

16 February 2017, at 4:00

Analays Alvarez in Conversation
Public Art and Ethno-cultural Communities in Canada

7 April 2017, at 1:30


Gaëtane Verna in Conversation
Living in One Brain
17 March 2016, at 6:00

Louis Angot, naakita feldman-kiss, Cason Sharpe in Conversation
Queer Codes: Viewpoints from Montreal Millennials
29 March 2016, at 6:00

MJ Thompson and Laurie Milner in Conversation
On Art Writing: Discussion + Spiffy Moves Launch
9 April 2015, at 4:00

John O'Brian and Johanne Sloan in Conversation
Teaching Vancouver
2 December 2014, at 4:00

Peggy Gale and Alice Ming Wai Jim in Conversation
Montreal Biennale: an Exhibition for Uncertain Times
20 November 2014, at 4:00

Dr. Loren Lerner, designer Pata Macedo, and five participants, Philipp Dominik Keidl, Tara Ng, Victoria Nolte, Chantale Potié, and John Toohey in Conversation
Launch of the CCCA Academy
16 October 2014, at 4:00

Anna Hudson and Heather Igloliorte in Conversation
Writing Inuit Art History
28 March 2014, at 4:00

Tania Martin and Nicola Pezolet in Conversation
The Spaces of Religion and Identity
5 February 2014, at 4:30

François-Marc Gagnon and Sherry Simon in Conversation
Revision and Translation
4 December 2013, at 4:00

Michael Asbury and Alice Ming Wai Jim in Conversation
Contesting Hybrid Notions within Brazilian Contemporary Art

11 November 2013, at 4:00

Damian Skinner and Anne Whitelaw in Conversation
Settler Art History in a Postcolonial Context
3 October 2013, at 4:00

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