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Headshot of Johanne Sloan the Deputy-Director of the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute
Johanne Sloan
Dr. Sloan's profile
Headshot of Jason Camlot, Research Chair (Tier I) in Literature and Sound Studies, English
Jason Camlot
Dr. Camlot's profile
Headshot of Rebecca Duclos Professor in the Department of Art History
Rebecca Duclos
Dr. Duclos's profile
Headshot of Monika Kin Gagnon Department Chair and Professor in Communication Studies
Monika Kin Gagnon
Dr. Gagnon's profile
Headshot of Cynthia Hammond Professor in the Department of Art History
Cynthia Hammond
Dr. Hammond's profile
Headshot of Kristina Huneault Professor in Art History
Kristina Huneault
Dr. Huneault's profile
Headshot of Heather Igloliorte Associate Professor in Art History
Heather Igloliorte
Dr. Igloliorte's profile
Headshot of Alice Ming Wai Jim Professor in Art History
Alice Ming Wai Jim
Dr. Jim's profile
Headshot of Joana Joachim Assistant Professor in Art History and in Art Education
Joana Joachim
Dr. Joachim's profile
Loren Lerner Member Emerita and Distinguished Fellow
Loren Lerner
Dr. Lerner's profile
Headshot of Elaine Cheasley Paterson Professor in Art History
Elaine Cheasley Paterson
Dr. Paterson's profile
Headshot of Nicola Pezolet Associate Professor in the Department Art History
Nicola Pezolet
Dr. Pezolet's profile
Headshot of Anne Whitelaw Provost and Vice-President and Academic Professor in Art History
Anne Whitelaw
Dr. Whitelaw's profile


Headshot of Annmarie Adams Professor, Stevenson Chair in the History and Philosophy of Science
Annmarie Adams
Read more about Annmarie Adams
Headshot of Janice Anderson co-founder of the Canadian Women Artists History Initiative
Janice Anderson
Dr. Anderson's profile
Headshot of Eunice Bélidor is a Canadian curator of contemporary art
Eunice Bélidor
Read more about Eunice Bélidor
Alena Buis
Read more about Alena Buis
Headshot of Carolyn Butler-Palmer Associate Prof., Art History and Visual Studies, Univ. of Victoria
Carolyn Butler-Palmer
Read more about Carolyn Butler-Palmer
Headshot of Sébastien Caquard Professor, in Geography, Planning and Environment
Sébastien Caquard
Dr. Caquard's Profile
Headshot of Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere who is an adjunct lecturer at Queen’s University
Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere
Read more about Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere
August Klintberg Assistant Prof., Critical and Creative Studies, Alberta Univ. of the Arts
August Klintberg
Read more about August Klintberg
Headshot of Cynthia Cooper who is Head, Collections and Research at the McCord Museum
Cynthia Cooper
Read more about Cynthia Cooper
Mireille Eagan
Read more about Mireille Eagan
Headshot of Tammer El-Sheikh Assistant Professor of Art History at York University in Toronto
Tammer El-Sheikh
Read more about Tammer El-Sheikh
Headshot of Brian Foss, Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton University
Brian Foss
Read more about Brian Foss
Headshot of Lynda Gammon Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria
Lynda Gammon
Read more about Lynda Gammon
Headshot of Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande who is the director-curator of the Colby-Curtis Museum
Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande
Read more about Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande
Headshot of Dominic Hardy who is a professor in the department of Art History at UQAM
Dominic Hardy
Read more about Dominic Hardy
Headshot of Steven High who is an interdisciplinary historian
Steven High
Dr. High's profile
Headshot of Bill Kirby who was Founder of the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art (CCCA)
Bill Kirby
Read more about Bill Kirby
Marissa Largo
Read more about Marissa Largo
Headshot of Vincent Lavoie who is a professor in the department of Art History at UQAM
Vincent Lavoie
Read more about Vincent Lavoie
Anton Lee
Read more about Anton Lee
Headshot of Jason Lewis is Professor of Computation Arts, Design and Computation Arts, Concordia
Jason Lewis
Dr. Lewis' profile
Headshot of Karla McManus is an Assistant Professor, Visual Art (Art History), University of Regina
Karla McManus
Read more about Karla McManus
Headshot of Anik Meunier who is an associate professor in Museology and Education at UQAM
Anik Meunier
Read more about Anik Meunier
Headshot of Erin Morton Professor of Visual Culture, University of New Brunswick
Erin Morton
Read more about Erin Morton
Headshot of Charmaine A. Nelson Provost Professor of Art History, UMass, Amherst
Charmaine A. Nelson
Read more about Charmaine A. Nelson
Headshot of Gwendolyn Owens Director of Curatorial Affairs, Visual Arts Collection, McGill
Gwendolyn Owens
Read more about Gwendolyn Owens
Headshot of Edith-Anne Pageot who is a professor in the department of Art History at UQAM
Edith-Anne Pageot
Read more about Edith-Anne Pageot
Headshot of Sherry Farrell Racette is Associate Prof. Department of Visual Art, Univ. of Regina
Sherry Farrell Racette
Read more about Sherry Farrell Racette
Headshot of Eduardo Ralickas Associate Prof. of Art History Univ. du Québec à Montréal
Eduardo Ralickas
Read more about Eduardo Ralickas
Headshot of Erin Silver Assistant Professor, History of Art, Architecture, UBC
Erin Silver
Read more about Erin Silver
Headshot of Devon Smither Associate Prof., Art History and Museum Studies University of Lethbridge
Devon Smither
Read more about Devon Smither
Headshot of Susan Surette part-time faculty member Department of Art History Concordia University
Susan Surette
Dr. Surette's profile
Headshot of Carla Taunton Ass. Prof. Art History and Critical Studies, NASCAD
Carla Taunton
Read more about Carla Taunton
Headshot of Janis Timm-Bottos Associate Professor in Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies, Fine Arts
Janis Timm-Bottos
Dr. Timm-Bottos' profile
Headshot of Zoë Tousignant who is an assistant curator in the McCord Museum
Zoë Tousignant
Read more about Zoë Tousignant
Headshot of Kathleen Vaughan Professor in Art Education Concordia
Kathleen Vaughan
Dr. Vaughan's profile
Headshot of Jean-Philippe Warren is a Professor of Sociology at Concordia University
Jean-Philippe Warren
Dr. Warren's profile
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