A journal of Canadian art history and theory

Volume 41-1-2

Vol. 41:1 & 2 (2020)

Joyce Wieland has justly been celebrated and fruitfully studied as an artist, filmmaker, and activist – these categories of art experience, philosophy and knowledge imbricated in her practice. In this issue, Wieland’s life-story extends into the afterlife, and not just in the literature, but in artworks – objects and events – that consciously pick up the traces of a life interrupted and make work in dialogue with her legacy.

Forthcoming Fall 2022

Volume 40:2 – Forthcoming 2022

Volume 35-2

Vol. 39:2 (2018)/40:1 (2019)

Originating in a foundational moment, the first Canadian Craft Biennial, this double issue of the Journal of Canadian Art History/Annales d’histoire de l’art canadien is doing overtly what any historical study does covertly: it is making history; it is participating in the crafting of a new narrative through the deployment of process and material.

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Volume 38:2 – 39:1 Forthcoming Fall 2022

Volume 36-2

Vol. 37:2 (2016) / 38:1 (2017)

This long-awaited double issue contains important contributions to several fields of art historical interest: photographic studies; museology; communications; archival studies; material culture studies; architectural design; and art activism.

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