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Elizabeth Sutherland, Saint John Vocational School mural, 1939 (Photo: Kirk Niergarth) Elizabeth Sutherland, Saint John Vocational School mural, 1939. (Photo: Kirk Niergarth)

The Journal of Canadian Art History/Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien welcomes submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts. A digital file is required and should include a short abstract.

Send digital files to jcah@concordia.caTypescripts for articles should not exceed 8,000 words, excluding endnotes. Essays should not exceed 4,000 words. Reviews of exhibitions and books are assigned by the editor-in-chief; proposals from reviewers are invited. Contributors receive a one-year subscription.

Manuscript Style

Double-space throughout, including text, extracts, quotations, and endnotes. The Journal follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, and The Oxford Canadian Dictionary.


Manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor-in-chief, in consultation with the editorial board. Suitable manuscripts will go through peer-review, to be returned to the author with recommendations. Acceptance for publication will be contingent on completion of revisions. Accepted manuscripts will be copy-edited and returned to the authors for approval. Proofreading is the author's responsibility. Authors will provide summaries of their articles or essays for translation. Authors are also responsible for obtaining permissions to quote extracts or reproduce illustrations.


Legible photocopies or low-resolution files are acceptable for first review. Final acceptance of illustrated submissions is conditional upon receipt of high-resolution TIFF files; these will be requested upon initial acceptance. Given the sometimes long delays in obtaining publishable image files, authors should demonstrate that they have initiated the process by contacting copyright holders, but should not order files before acceptance. A separate list of captions, including all necessary credits and permission lines, should be submitted with the accepted manuscript, along with photocopies of evidence of permissions granted.

All artwork should be submitted at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Landscape format images should be a minimum width of 6 inches and a maximum width of 8 inches. Portrait format images should be a minimum height of 5 inches and a maximum height of 11 inches.

Please do not increase the size or resolution of a smaller image in Photoshop or another image-editing program. These programs must use algorithms to "fill in" the missing data and detail can be lost. Originals should be scanned to be 300 dpi at the final size. For example, an original that measures 3 × 2 inches should be scanned at 200% at 300 dpi to meet the minimum width requirement of 6 inches.


RGB or CMYK colour is preferred as this permits us to control the conversion of the image to black-and-white and ensure that detail is not lost. If it is not possible to submit a colour version, grayscale is acceptable.

File Format

We prefer .tif files without compression as these files include the greatest amount of image data. The .jpg format uses a type of compression that discards image data; this data cannot subsequently be retrieved. If it is not possible to submit a .tiff (or a .psd) file, .jpgs are acceptable. Any .jpg file should be saved with the quality set to maximum to ensure the least data loss possible.

Match Prints

For colour reproduction, a match print is the best insurance for accuracy. If a match print is not available, please keep a good printed reproduction of the work in your files. You will be asked to lend this reproduction to us when we are checking the proofs.

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