Why change now?

The decision to implement a fall reading week and shift to 12-week terms comes as a result of listening to student feedback across all faculties, Concordia's commitment to health and wellness, including mental health, and aligning with the practices of other Canadian universities. Concordia's goal with these changes is to continue to support students and faculty in order to create an environment where everyone can thrive. 

With the launch of the fall reading week, each term will move to 12 weeks for consistency in the length of the summer, fall and winter terms.


For students, a week-long break from classes:

  • Offers catch-up time for coursework and preparation for midterms;​
  • Accommodates those who wish to travel home to visit family;​
  • Offers mental health benefits such as lowering anxiety and stress by giving a pause during the term;
  • Creates conditions for increased student success.

For faculty, a week-long break from teaching:

  • Offers catch-up time for teaching activities (course prep, grading, etc.); ​
  • Provides intensive research time in the middle of the term;​
  • Supports writing of grant applications during high season; ​
  • Facilitates the planning of out-of-town academic outreach activities.


Learn about what's to come as we work on implementing these changes

Working groups

These three groups are working on implementing this new initiative at Concordia.


1. Logistics

This working group meets weekly to review 12-week term/fall reading week. The group is responsible for drafting the schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year with 12-week terms starting in summer 2023 and adding the fall reading week, and will review examples from other universities. The logistics group will also consult with the academic sector to set the dates for exams and identify any calendar changes necessary and address any logistical issues of making the transition. 

2. Internships

This working group meets biweekly to review the 12-week term/fall reading week transition concerns and issues specific to internships and Co-ops. The group will review specific unique elements of academic programs with internships and will address concerns and make recommendations. The internship group includes representation from the faculties, and from cooperative education and will be a resource for departments who have specific concerns. The group will also review practices at other universities with a fall reading week and 12-week terms.

3. Accreditation

This working group meets biweekly to review the 12-week term/fall reading week transition to address any implication of the transition on accreditation concerns. The group includes representatives from each of the faculties with accredited programs and the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


Frequently asked questions


If you have questions or would like to know more about the 12-week term/fall reading week, please reach out to twelveweekterm@concordia.ca.

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