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Lifelong Learning

In a world that is constantly changing, people continue to seek opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills that will serve them well professionally or personally. Isabel Dunnigan works closely with various units across the University to foster the delivery of responsive Lifelong Learning propositions that resonate with the rapidly evolving demands and needs of society.

Isabel Dunnigan

Isabel Dunnigan

Associate Vice-President, Professional Education and Valorisation du français

In her role as Associate Vice-President of Lifelong Learning (AVPLL), and as the leader of the Lifelong Learning (LLL) strategy team, Isabel provides institutional vision and collaborative leadership to foster the continuous development of high quality, purpose-driven development opportunities for learners from all kinds of backgrounds, age groups, contexts and with a diversity of needs and challenges throughout their lifetime learning journey. The mandate of the Lifelong Learning Strategy team is to champion, develop and expand the availability of these opportunities, thus delivering on Concordia’s commitment to integrate Lifelong Learning as a forward-looking element of the academic mission.

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