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Concordia’s Volt-Age research program announces $7.2M for 36 seed-funded projects

Grants were awarded to initiatives that drive sustainability in built environments, transportation and citizen engagement
February 6, 2024

Decarbonization research has just received a jumpstart of $7.2 million, thanks to funding from Concordia’s Volt-Age applied research program.

The program recently announced the recipients of 36 seed-funded projects that seek to reduce CO2 emissions. Researchers at Concordia and partner institutions, including the University of Calgary, Toronto Metropolitan University and Dalhousie University, were selected for the grants.

In addition to the $7.2 million from Volt-Age, seed-funded projects will benefit from $3.1 million in cash and $8.8 million of in-kind investments from researchers, partner institutions and the private sector.

The funding will support the creation of large‐scale initiatives focused on creating sustainable built environments, resilient transportation systems and citizen engagement.

Funds will help researchers ‘hit the ground running’

With a grant of over $123 million from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, Volt-Age is dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies for carbon-neutral buildings, advanced energy storage, smart grids, and the electrification of transportation.

The selection criteria for the awards were multifaceted, with an emphasis on scientific merit and real-world impact. Projects that demonstrated a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion were also recognized.

“Our advisory board was very impressed with the quality and diversity of the applications,” says Karim Zaghib, Chief Executive Officer at Volt-Age and professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

“With this funding, our research community is hitting the ground running and paving the way to enact large-scale electrification projects that will impact society.”

Following this initial round of seed funding, Impact Grants will be awarded later in the program for large‐scale, multi-disciplinary initiatives that will become the backbone of Volt-Age research activities.

Learn more about the funded projects.

Learn more about Concordia’s Volt-Age and how you can participate in ground-breaking electrification research.



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