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Immigration guide for faculty

Moving to Montreal to start work at Concordia? From work permits and insurance, to taxes and frequently asked moving questions, we’ve got the information you need.

It is important to note that immigration rules are complex and change on a continuous basis. The below is not meant as immigration advice but rather as a big picture of general immigration rules. If you are a Faculty member or prospective Faculty member, please contact our Immigration Specialist to discuss your options.

Moving to Canada icon

Moving to Canada
For information on moving your goods to Canada, consult these resources.

Setting up at Concordia icon

Setting up at Concordia
Our checklist includes tips from getting an ID card to maneuvering around the city.

Work permits icon

Work permits
Individuals who are neither Canadian citizens nor Canadian permanent residents must obtain a work permit to be allowed to work at Concordia University. We cannot pay anyone who is not legally entitled to work in Canada.

Social insurance numbers icon

Social insurance numbers
Once in Canada, individuals must apply for a temporary social insurance number at the branch office of Service Canada that serves their local area of residence.

Health insurance icon

Health insurance
Individuals who are new to Québec should apply for provincial health insurance coverage as soon as possible as there is a three-month post-registration waiting period.

Income taxes icon

Income taxes
The Québec government offers a tax exemption for up to five years for foreign-national and repatriated Canadian professors in designated disciplines. You must be specialized in the fields of science and engineering, finance, health, and new information and communications technologies. First-time applicants should apply soon after commencing at Concordia. The tax exemption must be renewed every year by February 1. We have prepared two documents that may be helpful in evaluating whether you are eligible, and how to prepare an application. Lyse Jean-Baptiste, Academic Staff Officer (, is available to assist on how to prepare an application for the exemption. The tax exemption measure extends to foreign-national postdoctoral fellows. For information in this category, please write to

Canadian permanent residency icon

Canadian permanent residency
In Québec, all applications for permanent residence status follow a two-step process: acquiring a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) from the Province of Québec and getting federal approval from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

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