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Loyola Refectory Restoration Campaign

About the restoration

In an effort to celebrate its 100th anniversary and the revitalization of the Loyola Campus, the Loyola Alumni Association raised $4 million towards the Loyola Refectory Restoration Campaign.

The restoration of this historical building has recaptured the beauty of its original unique design and created a new space to meet university and the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community event needs at the Loyola Campus.

A bit of history

Concordia’s history spans more than a century through the university’s founding institutions — Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. The university’s present success is attributed to the outstanding legacies inherited from these two cornerstone establishments.

The Refectory, which was completed in 1916, was one of the original buildings at Loyola College. It originally served as a dining hall, infirmary and meeting hall. It has also housed various academic and administrative units of the university, including (most recently) the Music Department.

Connected to the Psychology Building, the Refectory is in the shape of a cross and there is an impressive sundial at the top of the south side of the building.

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