Food & Catering for Events

Planning an in-person activity on campus?

Concordia members can resume organizing and hosting on-campus events, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, and other non-academic gatherings with external participants. Learn more 

Your decision: to cater or self-cater

Below are instructions in accordance with the Policy on the Sale and Service of Food and Beverage Service on University Space. Please review the definitions for catered and self-catered events and follow accordingly.

Catered Events

An event held on University space where a caterer prepares, handles and manipulates the food, and delivers and/or provides wait staff service on-site.


Self-Catered Events

An event held on University space where the Event Organizer (or its representatives) comes into contact with food (preparing, handling, manipulating) either on or off-site.

Determine the number of tables you require for your food.  As a general rule, start with two 6 foot tables which you may request with Facilities Managment.

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