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Planning an Event

Do-it-Yourself Events

Do-it-Yourself Events (DIY) are all internal events on campus handled by you, the Event Organizer, without the assistance of a Hospitality Concordia Event Coordinator. DIY Events can be held within all available University spaces including some venues managed by Hospitality Concordia. To learn which are Hospitality Concordia DIY events, see "Hospitality Events (DIY events and Event Coordination)" below.

To help you plan, we've detailed the steps you will need to organise your event, plus the resources available to ensure your event on campus is a success!

Hospitality Coordinated Events

Hospitality Concordia will assign an Event Coordinator to assist you in organizing the event details for specific event types taking place in Hospitality Concordia managed venues. To learn which events will have the assistance of an Event Coordinator, see "Hospitality Events (DIY events and Event Coordination)" below.

The below types of events could be considered DIY.  

*Hospitality reserves the right of detemining which events will be considered DIY.

Meetings Bake Sales Info Tables
Seminars Workshops/Trainings Lectures
Study Sessions Film/Photoshoots Breakfasts/Luncheons
Receptions/Cocktails Events with Expected Media Events with Minors
Single Day Conferences    
*hybrid events continue to be supported by Hospitality Concordia.

The below types of events could be assigned an Event Coordinator.  

*Hospitality reserves the right of detemining which events will be assigned an Event Coordinator.

Events with Government Officials Banquets/BBQs Press Conferences
Exhibitions/Fairs Orientation Activities Ceremonies
Case Competitions Large Scale Conferences Receptions/Cocktails

A Hospitality Concordia Event Coordinator will be assigned to the following event types taking place in Hospitality Concordia venues.

If you are organizing an event listed above in a Hospitality Concordia Venue, a Hospitality Event Coordinator will be assigned to your event once your space request has been approved.

To request a Hospitality Concordia venue, see Space Reservation.

The chart lists Hospitality managed venues which are made available to DIY events.
We have illustrated each venue with possible room set-up configurations and the maximum capacity for each.
Maximum capacity in a venue must be respected.

Venue Theatre U-Shape Workshop Conference Banquet Reception Table
MB 2.130 45 26 38 28 32 59  
MB-1.155             1
MB-9 A 60 22 40 30 50 90  
MB-9 B 40 20 30 20 40 50  
MB-9 CD 100 38 60 44 80 140  
MB-9 EG 40   24 28 30 60  
MB-9 F 50 12 30 20 60 120  
MB-9 ABCD     130   170
MB-9 ABCDEFG 290       260 290  
LB-1 Atrium             1
EV-1.116             1
EV-2.200             1
RF-110 80 30 45 36 64 90  
RF-120 80 30 45 36
64 90  
RF-130 80 30 45 36 64 90  
RF-335 50 20 40 30 32 55  
RF-324       8      

No rental fee is applicable to the above venues.

If you don't find what you are looking for, visit the Designated Space Administrators (DSA) List.

There are a few decisions to make and tips to consider prior to selecting a venue, to faciliate the planning process for your event:

1. What is your expected attendance?
2. Who will be invited to your event?
3. Is the event formal or informal?
4. What room setup style do you want?
5. Will you require audiovisual equipment?
6. Do you need podiums or cocktail tables or specific furniture in your venue?
7. Will you serve food, refreshments or alcohol?
8. Are you planning a conference which requires online registration?

A few tips

Plan in advance. The key to a successful event is to allow plenty of time for the planning process to ensure you have everything covered! Respect your deadlines to ensure you don't jeopordize your event.

Get your prior approval form (Staff and Faculty). As part of the Policy on Hospitality, Meetings and Events on CampusStaff and Faculty (not Student Associations) must obtain prior approval from their Dean/Administrative Unit if there will be alcohol served or sell and/or if the event catering portion exceeds $5,000. The Prior Approval Form must be included with the request for space and/or alcohol.

Consider your budget.

Knowing what budget you have available will help you make decisions on details such as food, alcohol, equipment.

The following procurement guidelines must be adhered to.  For more information visit Procurement.

  • Catering orders should be paid using a University T-card
  • Catering orders over $25,000 before tax require two written quotes

For Registered Student Associations, please insure that you have budget approval from your VP Finance of your Umbrella Association before making any event related requests.

Pay attention to the details. If you want to serve food or alcohol, or expect minors to attend, read our policies. You are responsible for adhering to all relevant policies, booking terms and procedures that apply to your event.

Provide an accurate description of your event when you submit your request. Lack of information can result in delays or services which may impact the success of your event.  

Patience before promotion. You must ensure you have an official space confirmation for your event before you can advertise your event.

Request and review quotes and confirmations received by service providers to ensure accuracy of information.

Now that you have a clear vision of the event you are planning and your needs, you are ready to put your plan into action!

To place a request for a space that best suits your needs, visit Space Reservation.

If you plan to serve food at your event, you can:

Details and guidelines to be respected can be found on Food and Catering.


Alcohol at Events

Alcohol is permitted at events on campus.

Details and guidelines to be respected can be found on Alcohol at Events please insure that you place your order a minimum of 10 businessd ays prior to your event date.

Please insure that you request your furniture a minimum of 6 days prior to your event date.

Furniture available through Facilities Management (delivery fees apply):

  • Rectangular 6 foot table
  • Folding chairs
  • Poster boards
  • Coat racks
  • Risers
  • Wooden easels

For details on how to contact Facilities Management, see the section below called: Place your Request with Facilities Management for Room Set up and Furniture.


Furniture available through Hospitality Concordia (rental fees apply):

  • Cocktail tables
  • Banquet tables
  • Podium

You must request the Hospitality furniture via the MyEvents portal (form is called Request Equipment). The portal is also accessible via Carrefour's My CU Account page (for faculty and staff).


Place your Request with Facilities Management for Room Set up and Furniture

  • Once you have decided what will be your room set up for your event, you must let Facilities Management know so that they can take care of the room set up and delivery/pick up of the furniture. You are not authorize to do the room set up yourself.
  • In order to do so, you can either 
    • create your work order through Maximo.
    • Email or call 514-848-2424 ext. 2400 with the details of your event set up and furniture needs and they will open the work order on your behalf.
  • Work orders must be placed no later than 6 days prior to your event date.


  • For room set up cancellations, contact Facilities Management at or 514-848-2424 ext. 2400 at least 3 days in advance to avoid fees.

Request Audiovisual Equipment and an IT Technician

  • Complete and Equipment Loan and Rental request for equipment bookings (maximum 15 mins set up) by using this form
  • For events that require AV technicians onsite for the duration of an event ($38/hr min. 3 hrs) please complete this form
  • Registered Student Association requests: Budget approval is required by the VP Finance of your Umbrella Student Association before making a request. Requests that do not include valid budget codes cannot be processed.
  • All requests must be submitted minimum 5 business days in advance, 10 business days for hybrid events

Pricing & Cancellations

Audiovisual needs in SGW Alumni Auditorium (H-110)

  • Please contact DeSeve Cinema at or 514-848-2424 ext. 3461 for any question.
  • For pricing inquiries, please visit IITS Cinemas webpage.

Sustainable Concordia has an on campus service which rents out some great dishware, cutlery and linens for your events, managed through The Dish Project.

If you need a greater selection you can start by checking our some external suppliers in the Montreal area: Bravo Location Rentals Inc., Locations Chic, Celebrations

Place a sign outside the venue if you wish to identify your event for your attendees. See instructions and event sign template.

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