Planning an Event

Do-it-Yourself Events

Do-it-Yourself Events (DIY) are all internal events on campus handled by you, the Event Organizer, without the assistance of a Hospitality Concordia Event Coordinator. DIY Events can be held within all available University spaces including some venues managed by Hospitality Concordia. To learn which are Hospitality Concordia DIY events, see "Hospitality Events (DIY events and Event Coordination)" below.

To help you plan, we've detailed the steps you will need to organise your event, plus the resources available to ensure your event on campus is a success!

Hospitality Coordinated Events

Hospitality Concordia will assign an Event Coordinator to assist you in organizing the event details for specific event types taking place in Hospitality Concordia managed venues. To learn which events will have the assistance of an Event Coordinator, see "Hospitality Events (DIY events and Event Coordination)" below.

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