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Meet our team

Peer Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors are Concordia students like you, trained in peer support and active listening. Connect with them for resources, support and more!


BCompSci, Computer Sciences

"Start studying early and be consistent. This way you’ll be able to have a social life throughout the semester and avoid end of semester stress."


BA, Specialization Psychology, Minor in Education

“Being a student can be overwhelming so remember to be patient with yourself. In the meantime, Concordia offers resources that can make all the difference.”


BA, Education

"Life is a process: it’s not the boxes we tick, it’s the quality in between. Make space for what fills you up, whether that’s art, music, playing with your dog, doing a puzzle, talking to a friend... what helps nourish you?"


MEng, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Life may seem hard as a student, but our team will be by your side to help you face the challenges you may encounter."

Maria Elena

BA, Arts Education

"I’m thrilled to be part of the Peer Wellness group here at Concordia, and looking forward to meeting you all this term!"

“Every moment is a fresh beginning” - T.S. Eliot


MSc, Geography, Urban & Environmental Studies

"Take time to breathe and be in the moment. Use the resources available at Concordia to help you make the most of your student life."


BA, Economics, Minor in Sociology

"Everything you need is within you. Take care of yourself first so you can be able to take care of your worldly responsibilities."


BA, Psychology

"If you're struggling or feeling less 'productive' during the pandemic, it's very normal and understandable. As a student myself, I believe that we owe ourselves more self-compassion, especially in such difficult times"

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