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Medals & awards

Non-Academic Medals and Awards recognize great work and are awarded in the spring of every year to both fall and spring graduates.

Non-academic medals

Graduating students may be nominated for the following medals:


The Concordia Medal
Presented by the Concordia University Alumni Association to an undergraduate graduating student who has displayed distinctive leadership ability through both academic and non-academic achievements and has won the outstanding commendation of his/her fellows and of the faculty.

The Dean of Students Medal
Presented by the Dean of Students to a graduating student in an undergraduate or graduate program who has demonstrated a high level of engagement in student or community life under exceptional circumstances and maintained academic excellence. The focus of the award is on the accomplishments and not the challenge and is meant to reward a student for having made a difference within Concordia or in the outside community through involvement in volunteerism or the development of an initiative that addresses a problem within society.

The Malone Medal
Presented in honour of Rev. Patrick G. Malone, s.j., and awarded to the undergraduate graduating student whose efforts and dedication best exemplify the values of the University within the internal Concordia community.

The O'Brien Medal
Presented in honour of Dr. J.W. O'Brien and awarded to the undergraduate graduating student whose efforts and dedication best exemplify the values of the University within the larger external community.

The Provost's Medal for Outstanding Achievement
Presented by the Office of the Provost and awarded to the undergraduate graduating student whose commitment and spirit towards academic excellence, leadership, athleticism, and civic responsibility reflect the values exemplified by Concordia University and the Office of the Provost.

The Stanley G. French Medal
Presented in honour of Dr. Stanley G. French and awarded to a graduating student in a graduate program with high academic standing for outstanding contributions to student life.

Academic awards

Academic Awards are awarded on a merit basis to students who are graduating in the current spring or previous fall cycles. Undergraduate Awards are administered by the respective Faculty and/or Department. Graduate Awards are administered by either the Department or the School of Graduate Studies. For more details on Academic Awards, please consult the specific administrative unit directly.

Submissions of nominations

Medals and awards are granted only at spring convocation but are open to both the current spring graduates and preceding fall graduates (ex: fall 2022 graduates may apply for medals to be awarded in the spring 2023).

The nomination deadline is April 7, 2023. Nominations must be submitted to Enrolment Services via email to as follows:

  • Merge into ONE FILE all documents in the following order:
    1. Nomination Form (signatures of nominees not required under the circumstances)
    2. Covering letter - written by the nominee
    3. Curriculum vitae
    4. Co-curricular record (optional, but recommended)
    5. The document must be saved with file names that include the name of the medal FOLLOWED by the name of the student. Ex: Concordia_Medal_Jane_Doe.pdf
  • Reference letters must be sent directly from the referrer. If internal, please use your Concordia email. The sender must include the student's name in their email to
  • Files must be saved in PDF format
  • Files must not exceed 5 MB (avoid graphics unless pertinent to the nomination)

Note: Failure to submit the required documents (see each nomination form for details) as well as failure to submit the nomination in the above requested format will result in an automatic disqualification of the nomination.

Nomination forms and the criteria for each medal and award are available below. Students may be nominated for more than one medal. Nominations may come from the entire Concordia community (professors, staff, coaches, other students, etc.). Nominations from a variety of sectors of the Concordia community is recommended.


Still have questions?

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