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Matthew-Robin Nye

I ask three questions: How does the concept of ‘utopia’ in queer studies influence a built environment? How does a creative gesture affect a body in this environment? And how does the ecological 'queer' identity?

Matthew-Robin Nye is a conceptual artist and Joseph-Armand Bombardier PhD student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture. Nye’s research spans the fields of contemporary art, process philosophy and performance theory to look at how to create a ‘queer utopic space’ or a concept of ‘wildness’. He is a founding member of the Curatorial Research-Creation Collective at the Milieux Institute, a member of the Senselab, and the Institute for Urban Futures.


Humanities (Studio Art, Process Philosophy, Performance Studies)


English, French


Erin Manning, Lynn Hughes, MJ Thompson


Matthew-Robin Nye: exploring wildness and utopia from a queer perspective

Matthew-Robin's blog posts

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