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Emilie St-Hilaire

I study lifelike dolls and the motivations of their collectors in order to rethink non-human companionship.

Emilie St-Hilaire is a multidisciplinary artist and doctoral candidate in Concordia’s Humanities PhD program. She is studying the idiosyncratic and widely misunderstood practice of reborn doll collecting from a feminist perspective. She has published in the journal RACAR on the topic of research-creation and has exhibited her artwork at galleries and festivals nationally and internationally. Her doctoral research has been supported by scholarships from the FRQSC, Concordia University, Hexagram Network and Francofonds.


Humanities (Art Education, Design & Computation Arts, Theatre)


English, French


MJ Thompson, Christopher Moore, Mark Sussman


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Emilie St-Hilaire: examining non-human companionship


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