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Gonzalo Renato Quintana Zunino

I aim to explore the behavioural and neurochemical mechanisms by which animals establish sexual partner preferences, with an emphasis on first sexual experiences, fetishes and the female orgasm.

Gonzalo Quintana Zunino is a Psychologist and PhD candidate in Behavioural Neuroscience of Sexual Behaviour at Concordia University. His research endeavours are centered on the exploration of the mechanisms behind sexual behaviours. As a young expert, Mr. Quintana Zunino actively promotes the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public in both Chile and Canada, particularly through a Spanish-speaking website called "Ciencia del sexo".


Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience)


English, Spanish


James G. Pfaus

Gonzalo's blog posts

  • Until death do us part
    Posted on February 12, 2018 | By Gonzalo Renato Quintana Zunino
    Monogamy is the most prevalent romantic relationship strategy in the world. Yet, have you ever wonder if monogamy really suits you? Read more
  • On how to have and become the best at sex
    Posted on November 14, 2017 | By Gonzalo Renato Quintana Zunino
    Animals have better sex than you do! How come? Well, I don’t mean to flaunt, but I believe this article will unlock the secret to the ultimate sex life anyone can unleash and enjoy. Read more
  • The fetish rainbow
    Posted on July 2, 2017 | By Gonzalo Renato Quintana Zunino
    Women and men do not develop fetishes in the same manner. Scientific research has shown that there are many similarities between the two sexes with respect to how fetishes develop. Read more

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