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Erin O’Loughlin

My research project seeks to answer the question of whether exergaming (active video games) is a viable way to help youth increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviour. 

Erin O’Loughlin received her Master’s degree in Exercise and Health Psychology from McGill University where she implemented a physical activity intervention among breast cancer survivors. Erin is a certified personal trainer and a pre-post natal and Barre fitness instructor. She is also a research coordinator at the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CRCHUM) where she is working on, AdoQuest a project whose main objective is to determine the extent of co-occurrence of modifiable lifestyle behaviours among youth along the life course.


Individualized Program (Exercise Science, Psychology, Communications)




Lisa Kakinami and Tracie Barnett

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