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Research and impact


Collaboration is not new for researchers, but the pandemic has changed the way the world conducts research together. The Research working group is tasked with defining how Concordia will build on this momentum and change how we collaborate with our international colleagues.


The future of research involves a radical restructuring of the ecosystem in line with a rethinking of what constitutes research and research support across an abundance of people, projects and methods.  An ongoing and broadly consultative process is recommended to assess and reassess research support needs, with the goal of localized support towards shared knowledge and faster turn-arounds.


  • Recognize the diversity of disciplines, methods, peoples and projects. Localize and tailor support to the Faculty level; expand metrics and enrich criteria; work for equity in and through research. 


  • Expand support for relational work; assist our researchers in creating their communities; and invest in ways to build stronger university relationships with the communities.


  • Provide researchers with time to conduct quality research by connecting research to teaching and service; provide research leave opportunities for tenure track faculty; and reduce admin tasks and workloads.


  • Conduct a broad community-wide consultation to understand needs and what constitutes support.
  • Identify and respond to obstacles encountered by researchers and staff.


  • Avoid one-size-fits-all models and embrace the radical spectrum of what constitutes research.


  • Invest in research staff through professional development and training; design better virtual and hybrid spaces for knowledge mobilization; advance digital strategy; and imbed research support within Faculties.


  • Work across research roles, Faculties, projects and further activate connections between researchers through advanced open database and in-person activities.

Working group members

  • Co-Chair:  Mamoun Medraj, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Co-Chair:  M.J. Thompson, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Pablo Bianucci, Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director, Physics, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Jason Camlot, Professor, English, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Hannah Claus, Asst Professor, Frameworks & Interventions in Indigenous Art Practice, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Ann-Louise Davidson, Associate Professor, Education, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Dominique Dumont, Director Strategic Planning & Development, Facilities Management
  • Rajiv Johal, Interim Associate University Librarian Research and Grad Studies, Library
  • C├ędric Lesage, Professor, Accountancy
  • Lawrence S. Bloomberg Chair, Accountancy PhD Program Director, John Molson School of Business
  • Rafik Naccache, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Krzysztof Skonieczny, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gina Cody School
  • Anna Waclawek, Manager, 4th Space
  • Jared Wiercinski, Associate University Librarian Research & Grad Studies, Library
  • JoDee Allen, Phd student Humanities, Faculty of Fine Arts

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