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Campus space


The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a swift pivot to remote teaching, learning and working and is accelerating institutional reflections about the role of physical campuses in post-secondary education. The Campus space working group is tasked with defining what this means for Concordia.


Space in the future must be better aligned with what users do with it. It should be designed for flexibility with a mechanism for continuous improvements to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of students, faculty, researchers and staff.

Access to space

  • Access to a variety of spaces, including a transparent centralized booking and inventory that includes anatomy of space and data sheets.


  • Simple and uniform technology in classrooms and conference rooms on both campuses along with strong, and easily accessible WIFI.


  • Reconfiguration of existing workspaces and design of new workspaces to encourage flexibility.


  • Flexible collaborative spaces for staff, students, and faculty along with flexible furniture and “plug and play” technology to facilitate collaborative interactions and provide opportunity for community building.


  • Setting space optimization goals by reviewing class schedules and start times; centralizing space inventory; and developing space policies for classrooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms and offices university wide.

Continuous review

  • Conducting regular space audits to identify the percentage of space being used at the institution for classrooms, open spaces and office spaces.


  • Designing spaces that will strengthen and deepen a sense of community and belonging for all members of our community.

Working group members

  • Co-Chair: Barbara Henchey, Director, Office of the Dean and Strategic Development, John Molson School of Business
  • Co-Chair:  Angela Tsafaras, Manager, Planning & Academic Facilities, FOFA
  • Wael Badawy, Advisor, Occupational Health and Infection Control, Environmental Health and Safety Office
  • George Balouzakis, Director, Human Resources Administration, HRIS and Projects, Human Resources
  • Loredana Carbone, Manager, Research Events and Engagement, Office of the Vice-President Research & Graduate Studies
  • Alex De Vischer, Professor and Chair, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Gina Cody School
  • Pascal Dufour, Facilities Planner - Architect, Facilities Management 
  • Alice Jarry, Assistant Professor, Design & Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Alex Konyari, Manager, Budget & Facilities, Library
  • Emilie Martel, Program Coordinator, Internships and Experiential Learning, Economics, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Andrew Woodall, Dean of Students

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