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Student experience


The COVID-19 pandemic drove much of Concordia’s operations to transition remotely, including the delivery of student services. The Student experience working group is tasked with leading the reflection on how Concordia can stay responsive and agile in such an evolving context.


Concordia needs to foster a student experience that prepares and supports a diverse student body in: navigating the university structure; socializing and networking; learning and developing expertise and transferable skills; exploring personal and professional interests; and securing employment during studies and post-graduation.

Culture of wellness

  • University-wide awareness of various mental-health and wellness support services available. 
  • A series of mandatory trainings, workshops, guidelines and resources to train faculty and staff to provide accessible services and documents.

Navigation and support

  • Help students navigate the University structure and provide immediate, high-quality service and support.  Improve student communication, triage their needs and collect data quickly and systematically to better serve their needs in the future.

  • Improve our institutional processes and supports

Networking and socializing

  • Support and facilitate opportunities for socializing and networking such as bookable spaces, comfortable spaces for casual use and an app to foster connections.

Co-curricular model

  • Create more opportunities for students to gain transferable skills by providing practical experiences like internships and industry challenges, identifying pathways to employment, and making it easier to learn skills that build on and fuse with those in the curriculum.


  • Offer more opportunities to develop expertise and explore interests and for employment during and after completing their studies by providing employer-student matchmaking platforms and more on-campus jobs.

Working group members

  • Co-Chair:  Alice Isac, Experiential Learning Lead, Provost Office
  • Co-Chair:  Rebecca Tittler, Research Administration Coordinator, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
  • Salma Adem, Coordinator, New Student Outreach Initiatives , Student Success Centre
  • Katie Broad, Supervisor, Homeroom Program, Dean of Students Office
  • Racha Cheikh-Ibrahim, Coordinator, Graduate and Professional Skills, School of Graduate Studies
  • Selvadurai Dayanandan, Chair, Biology, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Annick Maugile Flavien, Coordinator, Black Perspectives Office, Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Tristan Khaner, Director, Office of the Dean, Fine Arts
  • Irene Petsopoulis, Counsellor, Counselling and Psychological Services
  • Haleh Raissadat, Learning & Study Skills Specialist, Student Success Centre
  • Lourdu Reddy Allam, VP Academic & Advocacy, Graduate Student Association
  • Eduardo Malorni, General Coordinator, Concordia Student Union

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