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About the project


At this pivotal time in our history, we have been thrust into remote learning and, for the most part, the remote delivery of services. After a year of continuous adaptation, we are in an opportune position to reflect on learnings from this extraordinary experience and to use this knowledge to shape our collective future.

Our goal is to develop a vision for the Concordia of the future — how can we imagine new approaches to working, to teaching and learning, to our spaces, our services to students and our connections to local and global communities.

Guiding principles

The following guiding principles will inform the group's work:

  • the primacy of the health and safety of the Concordia community
  • alignment with Concordia’s next-gen strategic directions
  • equity, diversity, accessibility and decolonization
  • environmental solutions and financial sustainability
  • supporting student success and the student experience
  • creativity as well as a healthy tolerance for risk-taking, failure and discomfort
  • agility, flexibility and responsiveness
  • service excellence
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