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Work, workforce & workplace


This working group evaluated what the future of work might entail at Concordia. Such a reflection, and the decisions that shape our approach, need to take into consideration the workforce (who our employees are), the work (what our employees do and why) and the physical workspace (where our employees conduct their work).


The university should adapt a flexible hybrid work model where the mix of in-person and remote work for the team is set by the leader based on the unit’s mission, staff complement, strategic objectives and academic cycle.

Manager training and support

  • Dedicated training and support of unit leaders to ensure the management of hybrid teams are informed by best practices and evolving needs.


  • Use of information technology infrastructure to ensure adaptability and alignment with a hybrid work model.


  • Reconfiguration of existing workspaces and design of new workspaces to encourage flexibility.

Professional development

  • The development of formal programs focused on career-related rather than job related growth, to encourage upskilling and job mobility within the University’s staff complement.


  • Measures to ensure that everyone benefits from increased flexibility — so that collectively we can ensure campus vitality.

Hiring process

  • Streamlined and simplified hiring processes to ensure that the University’s staff complement remains responsive to the community’s needs and adaptive to shifts in the labour market.


  • A structured, two-way, performance assessment and development process to promote continual improvement and monitor the success of a flexible hybrid work model.

Time management

  • Scheduling conventions and automated tools to ensure better collegial coordination and protect employees’ right to disconnect.

Working group members

  • Co-chair: Téo Blackburn, Director, Concordia International
  • Co-chair: Linda Campione, Project Director, Future Concordia and Return to Campus Initiatives
  • Natalie Camirand, Manager Organizational Development, Human Resources
  • Meredith Evans, Manager Undergrad Admissions, Enrolment Services
  • Charmian Harvey, Executive Director, University Communications Services
  • Mai-Gee Hum, Director, CMS & Corporate Partnerships, John Molson School of Business
  • Donald Lafrance, Director, School of Graduate Studies
  • Timothy Ni, Manager, Application Development, SIS Systems, Instructional and Information Technology Services
  • Jane Somerville, Director of Programs, District 3
  • Darlene Walsh, Chair, Marketing – Associate Professor, John Molson School of Business

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