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ARTH 401 Independent Study

The Department of Art History offers undergraduate students majoring in art history the opportunity to undertake an Independent Study as a 3-credit course towards their degree. Independent Studies are granted on an exceptional basis. There are normally no more than ten Independent Studies granted annually. The purpose of the Independent Study is to provide graduating students with the opportunity to take on a specific research project. The topic of the Independent Study must lie outside an area of study covered by art history courses.

In order to apply, you must:

  1. Be a third- or fourth-year student majoring in Art History, or Art History / Studio Arts, or Art History / Film Studies
  2. Fill in the Art History Independent Study Agreement Form (download or pick up from EV-3-819 or 817)
  3. Alongside the form, submit a course proposal that has approval of your faculty supervisor, which outlines:
  • The faculty supervisor’s name
  • Your name and contact information
  • The research objectives of the Independent Study
  • The research methodology of the Independent Study
  • A detailed list of assignments, and their relative worth
  • The course schedule (milestones, deadlines, and dates)
  • Bibliography of seven to ten sources

Independent Studies must be supervised by full-time faculty members. It is the responsibility of the student to secure the agreement of a full-time faculty member to supervise his/her Independent Study. Preparing the course proposal requires advance planning and consultation with the faculty supervisor. Starting this preparation well in advance of the term in which you hope to undertake your Independent Study is strongly advised. Independent Study courses are subject to all the usual University drop and add deadlines. Please consult the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for details.

View the list of current full-time faculty.

Your point of contact in the Department of Art History is Dr. Steven Stowell, Undergraduate Program Director (ext 5745,

Please set up a meeting with Dr. Stowell to discuss the possibility of applying to take this course.

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