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ARTH 376 Topics in Indigenous Art: Indigenous Art Survey

  • Thursdays, 8:45-11:30 am
  • Instructor: Dr. Michelle McGeough

This course provides an introduction to the visual culture and history of the three groups of Indigenous peoples in Canada - First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. The course content focuses on Indigenous art produced across geographical regions and cultural areas in Canada from pre-contact through the present day. Topics will be examined in terms of cultural significance, techniques, materials, and aesthetic form to provide historical context to socio-political issues related to land, spirituality, representation and the colonial encounter.

Land Back Banner, 2017, Vancouver Art Gallery, cloth and spray paint. Photo by M. McGeough.
LaFountain, Lynette. 2021 Kokuminawak sakihitowinkayas ochi(Our Grandmothers’love from long ago. Seed beads, wool felt, cotton interfacing, cedar, beaver fur, cotton piping, whitefish scales, porcupine quills, elk hair. Photo by M. McGeough.
Michael, Drew. What is the Inua of Drew, 2016, mixed media, basswood, dyed caribou hair, poplar wood, Collection of David Micheal, Photo by M. McGeough.
Plains Dress, Detail. buckskin, trade beads, metal. Photo by M. McGeough.
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