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ARTH 358 Studies in the History of Media Art: Video Art and the Dissident Moving Image

  • Tuesdays, 5:45-8:15 pm
  • Instructor: Rodrigo D'Alcântara

This panoramic course analyzes the historical contexts that informed the birth of the language of video art as a means of artistic expression in the visual arts from the 1960s to the present day. During the semester, the classes will present how video art has been aligned with avant-garde thinking since its beginnings. Focused on specific historical issues of the North, Central, and South regions of the so-called American continent, the course explores how their specific sociocultural dynamics play an important role in creating diverse experimental audiovisuals. Bringing together different thematic modules, this course not only provides insights into the history of video art but also encourages students to think of video art as a dissident process of producing moving images in response to the hegemonic cinema industry.

"Paracas", by Cecilia Vicuña, 1983, 18:31 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video
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