ARTH 450 Advanced Seminar in the History of Art and Architecture: Violence and Contemporary Art

Teresa Margolles, Tela bordada, 2012 Teresa Margolles, Tela bordada, 2012
  • Wednesdays, 2:45 - 5:15pm
  • EV 3.760
  • Instructor: Dr. Julia Skelly

I developed this seminar based on my research for my recent book Skin Crafts: Affect, Violence and Materiality in Global Contemporary Art (Bloomsbury, 2022), which was partly inspired by the increase of violence towards women and other vulnerable groups of individuals (including Asian, Asian American and Asian Canadian people) in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as ongoing anti-Black violence perpetrated by police and white supremacists. We will discuss a range of artists in this course including Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, Black British artist Lubaina Himid, Canadian artists Oreka James and Elisabeth Perrault, and Indigenous artists including, but not limited to, Rebecca Belmore and Nadia Myre. Readings will include both art historical and non-art historical literature, for example Robyn Maynard’s important book Policing Black Lives; State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present (2017). We will be taking an intersectional feminist and anti-racist approach to visual culture and lived culture in this seminar.

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