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ARTH 379 Postcolonial Theory in Art History

  • Thursdays, 11:45am - 2:15pm
  • EV 1.615
  • Instructor: Dr. Reilley Bishop-Stall

This course will introduce students to key figures, texts and concepts in postcolonial theory and art history. We will explore the work of a variety of artists in relation to colonialism, imperialism and the construction of race, considering the complex role that visual culture plays in supporting or challenging colonial power. Engaging with the work of several key thinkers, we will discuss the contribution of postcolonial theory in critiquing these structures and investigate its influence on the visual and performing arts, storytelling, film, exhibitions and archival practice. In addition to postcolonialism, we will work together to unpack terms such as anticolonialism, neocolonialism and decolonization. Attending to the particularities of these concepts’ formation, we will examine their migration, evolution, relevance and impact today, both on a global scale and, specifically, in the context of settler colonial nations like Canada.  




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